These days, nearly every home listed on the market from any agent is going out to a litany of real estate websites, making the data easier than ever for a buyer to sift through without the aid of a real estate agent. Unfortunately, the drawback is that passionate, knowledgeable, local area experts who would be your top picks for your transaction have been slightly drowned out by all this. Some of the best agents are not as easily identifiable in this world of endless reams of data. So do your homework.  Just because an agent is a friend, or listed a home down the block, doesn’t mean that they are the most deserving of your business. Every agent at Umlauf Properties Group is seasoned, we know areas of town, the market, and most importantly – how to maximize your opportunities to deliver the best possible outcome at the closing. We study the real estate market every day and can provide you with a range of values and marketing opportunities to ensure your property sells successfully.


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